Thursday, 17 March 2011

Raw - 14th March

Quick thoughts

  • I didn't expect Sheamus to win the US title but he did, good match which i also didn't expect would not mind seeing it at Mania.
  • I am VERY!!!! annoyed by the divas match and the decision to axe Kelly Kelly for some B list celebrity, i said months or weeks ago that i wanted a divas match that is not themed, this will be themed because of the celebrity it won't be a proper match now, i am even more annoyed by the latest report i read that they might have Kelly Kelly in their corner, PUT HER IN A MATCH WWE!!!! I thought she was Vinces favourite diva from the reports he shows that by keeping her off Smackdown after main eventing the week before.
  • Miz keeps getting more awesome!
  • Bad main event.
  • The whole JR/Cole/Lawler segment was great, i think Cole should have only done the ankle lock on JR, Swagger was a bit rough. I liked the cube Michael Cole was in.
WWE didn't do well this week on Raw, hopefully Smackdown is better.


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