Thursday, 23 December 2010

Live Raw & Smackdown Thoughts 20th/21st December

Raw 20th December

I enjoyed Raw and i felt it was good that it was Nexus free. Nexus won't be back till the Royal Rumble I predict. The lamest start in Monday Night Raw history, it was so lame i couldn't stop watching it. Jerry Lawler got the line of the night. The Miz - " I am The Miz and I am......" Lawler - "Stupid", good line. Backstage Morrison probably felt he was getting into the main event level starting tonight while his partner Melina probably felt she was ruining her career tonight. The Divas match, i was shocked to see it on early, though it was sloppy and predictable. This heel turn of Melina is a bad idea, Melina was great as a heel, she never should have been turned face, but she is too nice to the WWE Universe on the website, on twitter, in person..... its not going to be believeable, Melina even said herself its just her character on TV that is changing in a recent twitter post. WWE could do more to make Melina a heel instead of a slap, Michelle McCools heel turn this time two years ago was good, WWE should do something like this. I was happy to see Daniel Byran vs William Regal and im sure if CM Punk wasn't there it would not have been mentioned that they have had history with each other. It was a good match, this could be a Royal Rumble match, as i don't see either being in the Rumble match and they need more than 3 matches on the card. The first 3 matches featured Divas, i felt it was stupid to have Santino's team win, Maryse and DiBiase are being buried. Maryse is a great heel that should be in a match more often. DiBiase should have better opponents, like i said on my TLC post Santino is improving. The ending was botched by Tamina as she took far too long, Maryse was wondering what was going on. John Cena's promo was good, im glad to see the fun side of him back as we haven't really seen this side of him much during 2010, i give credit to the crowd during this promo even though they killed 5 mins it was hilarious. The fat jokes were good too. Dolph put up a good fight, CM Punk getting in the ring was a shock, i honestly do not know what Cena did to Punk, only thing i can think of is the night Nexus attacked Raw.  I heard this could be a Wrestlemania match, both Cena and Punk will be in the Rumble match. I think on Raw the promo should have happened on Raw, i don't think the match should have or Punks attack on Cena, they should have only done this once on Smackdown the next night. The commentary should be interesting in the next few weeks as they usually put a few hints into Wrestlemania matches, like how they did with Bret Hart it was almost a year ago he returned. I read a report that Vince is focusing on the Royal Rumble as the main way of creating Wrestlemania fueds early. I also read that a few Wrestlemania scripts have already been wrote. Back to Raw, the main event wasn't the greatest, it was more a feel good show for the fans (did any heels win all night? Melina was technically a face during the match). Orton should focus on the Rumble match now, let Morrison fued with Miz. I believe thats the first time The Miz has been pinned since he won the title. This was an OK Raw, more fueds are needed for the Royal Rumble, WWE has 5 weeks to kill before the Rumble, that could be bad.

Live Smackdown 21st December

HORRIBLE!!!! All i have to say.

Tonight on Superstars
Laycool vs Beth & Kelly Kelly


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