Saturday, 11 December 2010

Raw/NXT/Smackdown Thoughts - 5th December - 12 December

Since i didn't post any thoughts on any of these shows this week, im going to post 1 blog on all 3.

Raw - 6th December

Raw was bad compared to the past 3/4 Raws before it, but it was hard to do better since there was The Old School Raw, New WWE Champion, King of the Ring the weeks before it and theres the Slammy Awards next week (you can check the categories and nominees in my earlier blog).  On Raw they advertised a bad main event between Randy Orton vs Alex Riley, this was not an exciting match surely WWE could have done better, i was right about the match being a Tables match at TLC, i thought this because its not the main match going into TLC as they are trying to make Kane vs Edge the main match or whatever Cena and Barrett do. The RKO was the best part of the show on Michael Cole, i didn't expect him to do it. They should not have put Josh Matthews on commentary (i know it was his trial) i would have liked to see CM Punk and Jerry Lawler just on commentary, CM Punk doesn't have much of a character on commentary but he is very good, i don't know why he hugged michael cole when he first joined the broadcast team but since then they seem like enemies at the commentary. i liked the way CM Punk read the Email, good to see him have mic time. I didn't like John Cena's part on Raw too much, it was all too predictable, one thing Cena did do on Raw was help Santino & Kozlov win the tag team titles, i like this as they have actually been a team for a few months not just two individuals who have formed a team for one month. The tag match was very boring though. I didn't like the Sheamus/Morrison segment, Morrison was horrible on the mic as his jokes were failing, it was a pointless part of the show that just gave Sheamus a chance to be on TV. Melina will most likely be turning heel and i found it strange how they showed her leaving, it seemed that she was trying to be ignored though there was a spotlight on her and Lawler even mentioned her leaving, Natayla vs Melina would have been a good match but it was too short, Melina dominated. Laycool need those titles back. They have done the Tyson Kidd/DH Smith storyline very badly it has lasted far too long and their first match was on last weeks Superstars a show that no one watches, the bodyguard is HUGE! he's next Zeke Jackson, that match was only on the card to introduce the new bodyguard. Nexus have another new shirt! they must not have liked the one they wore 2 raws ago.

NXT - 7th December

BORING! Boring Rookie's they all look the same. Ted DiBiase's guy is the only one who stands out and i think he will win as WWE wanted Husky Harris to win season 2 this guy will be a better Husky Harris. I really do not understand why WWE gave these pro's their spot on NXT

R-Truth - Has already been a pro in season 1 for David Otunga

Ted DiBiase/Maryse - They said they hated NXT and didn't want to be there during the Goldust/Aksana storyline.

Daniel Byran - A rookie on the show 8 months ago is now a rookie?

Alberto Del Rio - He has only been on WWE Camera since August.

Dolph Ziggler - He was kinda already a pro for Kaitlyn, this must means that Vickie has to come back to NXT.

Chris Masters - The pro that I couldn't remember gives him a chance to be more seen in WWE. The only one i can understand.

I don't think I will watch NXT this season.

Smackdown - 10th December

Kane killed Paul Bearer!! Wait he killed the character. The only people that were probably fooled by that was the kids, you can tell there was a dummy or nothing in that wheelchair, honestly i had to watch that part of Smackdown on Youtube and the part i watched didn't show much of how Kane and Edge got to that platform. The music was creepy at the end. I think they should have kept the Edge keeping Bearer "Hostage" for one more week. Didn't watch the main event. I watched the rest of Smackdown, Chavo had two matches on Smackdown one against Kozlov and Santino the other against Hornswoggle, that was a weird watch. Another Boring Dolph vs Kofi match. Its a shame that Kaval injured his ankle hope he recovers fast. I am hoping Natayla lose's the title Asap, she is not a good wrestler in the ring the only reason she is there is because of her family, the only reason she is champion is because of Brets return. She can only do three moves with the sharpshooter being one of them, boring match between her and Layla, did Michelle have a thong slip. im not too sure. it is clear that Beth is not fit to compete yet. WWE are trying to push Chris Master i don't know why but you can tell, he hasn't been on superstars for weeks and the Master Lock Challenge returned, Cody is entertaining!  Boring Smackdown other than the segments between Paul Bearer, Edge and Kane.


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