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WWE 2010 Moments.

The top moments from each month in WWE in the year 2010.


When you mention Jan 2010 most people think of January 4th the night Bret Hart made his return to the WWE, on this night Bret made up with HBK but started a storyline with vince that ended at Wrestlemania 26. January was also the month of the Royal Rumble. Two matches in Jan not on the PPV spring to my mind when i think of this month one being the Kofi vs Cena vs Orton match that Orton won because of legacys help which gave him a WWE title match at the Royal Rumble. Another match i remember is HBK vs Rey Mysterio on Smackdown this was such a good match a match people have been waiting for years to see. The Royal Rumble match is probably the main match people remember as Edge made his return and won the Royal Rumble.


The Road to Wrestlemania continued, as the HBK/Taker fued continued which resulted in HBK losing his elimination chamber qualifer to Randy Orton and losing the tag titles to The Miz and Big Show. Other than the spears Edge delivered on Jericho Smackdown did have good moments in this month such as the build up to the Elimination Chamber. The tag titles were not the only titles to change hands not at a PPV, Mickie James lost her newly won Womans Championship to Michelle McCool, the Elimination Chamber itself seen a new WWE Champion crowned and a new World Champion, Unbeaten Sheamus lost the WWE Champion just as people felt he would be champion at Wrestlemania he lost to John Cena who then lost the title minutes later to Batista also HBK costing Undertaker the World Title inside the elimination chamber.


The build up to Wrestlemania got even stronger as the Batista vs Cena storyline got more personal with the promo Batista gave about Cena being the top star, Bret vs Vince took twist and turns as Bret tricked Vince into the match at Mania, Jericho vs Edge got more personal like the Rey vs Punk match, while we got to see Sheamus without the WWE title in his fued with HHH, the money in the bank built up and the Taker vs HBK build up about HBK's final Raws.


The month after Mania, i mainly remember this month because it was the month i seen WWE live as they came to the UK, but other things not in the ring like the Raw superstars being stranded in Northern Ireland 6 days before Elimination Chamber. That seen Smackdown take over Raw. WWE in the UK was good as Eve became the new Divas champion plus the Baywatch match was hot. Jack Swagger became the World Champion when he cashed in his Money in the Bank 5 days (2) after Mania on Chris Jericho. The strange fued that made Orton more of a face between himself and Jack Swagger for the title happened in April, while Edge and Jericho battled in the cage, Batista and Cena fought in a last man standing match with one of the worst endings to a WWE title match ever. The match between Sheamus and HHH was the match to remember this was the last time we seen HHH on TV. The draft lottery took place in April with the biggest changes now being forgotten as Edge and Jericho moved to Raw neither are on Raw now, Big Show and The Miz lost the titles because of Bret Hart and split up, Morrison and Truth went to Raw, this was known as the month Smackdown was weakened.


The Miz lost the US title in Canada to Bret Hart in May, Bret also became the GM of Raw in May and Vacated the title. The PPV was Over the Limit (if anyone remembers that PPV). This was Batista's last WWE match as he got thrown off a car through the stage by Cena. CM Punk got shaved bald at Over the Limit by Rey Mysterio. Edge turned heel and started fueding with Orton that was pointless due to Ortons injury. Bad month in WWE.


Wade Barrett won NXT (i think on the 2nd) Batista quit WWE (on the 1st?) and Nexus debuted the week after and destroyed Raw. The next week Nexus would take out Bret Hart as GM and would then ruin the WWE Championship match at F4W which was won by Sheamus. Smackdown also had a good month as Kane was trying to find out who attacked The Undertaker. Rey Mysterio pulled off a shocker and won the World Title for the 2nd time in the fatal 4 way. Other titles changed hands such as The US title and The Divas Title. Though this month was mainly remembered because of Nexus. The Laptop GM debuted as Nexus also took out Mr McMahon


The Money in the Bank PPV which seen Kane finally win the World Champion an hour after he won the MITB match, the PPV also seen The Miz win the Raw Money in the Bank match. Nexus continued their ways on Raw and ruined another WWE title match at the PPV inside the steel cage. Kane continued to torture people on Smackdown as he tried to get answers .This month was mainly about the build up to the Money in the Bank. CM Punk got unmasked by Big Show which won a Slammy Award. The build up to Summerslam begun in July as MITB happened in the middle of July.


Summerslam 2010 was the worst party of the Summer as the PPV was horrible as Team WWE vs Nexus headlined it. Raw was mainly about the build up to this match, while Smackdown was about Kane. Rey Mysterio vs Jack Swagger was the most memorable match of this month for me which seen Rey and Jack get thrown in the Gulf of Mexico. Undertaker finally made his return and it was revealed Kane was his attacker. Sheamus and Orton started a fued on Raw.


The Night of Champions was the PPV which seen Kane retain against Undertaker and Randy Orton win the WWE title in the 6 pack challenge. Daniel Byran won the US title, while the Womans Title and Divas Titles were unified at the PPV as Michelle McCool defeated Melina. Paul Bearer made his return to the WWE as he tried to help Undertaker win the World Title at Hell in a Cell. Chris Jericho got punted in the head by Orton which allowed him to leave.


The worst PPV of the year Hell in a Cell was a few days into the month which seen Kane defeated Undertaker in HIAC after Paul Bearer turned on him and Orton beat Sheamus in the HIAC. John Cena lost to Wade Barrett which meant he had to join Nexus, if Cena did not take Barretts orders he would be fired. This was not the only PPV of the month as towards the end of the month came Bragging Rights which seen Orton defeat Barrett, Smackdown defeat Raw and Kane bury Undertaker alive after help from Nexus.


The annual Survivor Series took place which was ok not great but not to bad. The month seen Kane and Edge battle over the World Title, Edge then felt he needed to get inside Kanes head which led to him kidnapping Paul Bearer. Also SS seen the usual SS matches which were forgetable . On Raw Barrett announced that if he did not win the WWE Title at SS Cena would be fired, as Cena was the ref in the match between Barrett and Orton. Cena did get fired as Orton won the match. The next night on Raw Barrett got a rematch against Orton but before the match Nexus attacked Orton which made him weak, Orton still managed to win after a distraction from Cena, after Nexus/Cena had left The Miz cashed in Money in the Bank and won the WWE Title.


Edge won the World Championship in an awesome TLC Fatal 4 Way match at the PPV also in the match were Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio and the former champion Kane. The Miz continued his WWE title reign as he defended it successfully against Orton in a tables match at TLC. Wade Barrett would rehire John Cena so the attacks on him and the rest of the Nexus would stop. At the PPV which was a chairs match Cena faced Barrett one on one without having to worry about Nexus for the first time as Cena attacked them all backstage. Cena won the match and then buried Wade Barrett with 23 steel chairs. The annual Tribute to the Troops show took place along with the 2nd ever live Smackdown (first happened in October). After the PPV WWE seemed to make things good for the WWE Universe as most of the faces won matches. The last Raw moment of 2010 was a shock as CM Punk revealed himself to be the new leader of Nexus after having John Cena attacked.

WWE was good in 2010, hopefully its even better in 2011.
Happy New Year.


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