Tuesday, 15 February 2011

21-2-11= 18-1?

21/02/11 the date of the return.

However the date could be seen as two ways

this would mean its Undertaker.

this would mean its someone else.

I just watched the promo 5 or 6 times to see if i could discover anything.

There is no code on the wall or the wooden steps.
You do see The Undertaker through a window, however WWE are smarter than this.
The video looked as if The Undertaker was inside and there was someone in the jacket outside as they head for the house towards the end of the video.

I do see Undertaker returning next week, he will be cutting a promo on Wrestlemania 27 but suddenly the lights go out and a new video airs which indicates that the other person is coming now, the lights get turned back on and Undertaker either gets pedigreed or sweet chin music.

This would set up HHH vs Taker with HBK as ref for Wrestlemania 27.
Some people think they see HBK in the video, they could be right.


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