Saturday, 19 February 2011

Did Dolph Ziggler Win The World Title?

According to the title history section on yes he did, this means that Edge is now an 11 time World Champion. Dolph went into detail about the firing today on Twitter but it most likely is a storyline. The ending of Smackdown felt like an end to a Road to Wrestlemania storyline on the video game WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011.

The first night of the match was great i must say, though i would not have minded it being a bit longer.

Dolph has been removed from the Elimination Chamber match this Sunday, i noticed something during the middle of Smackdown, they showed a video package promoting the SD elimination chamber match, i noticed Dolph was not in this, later on it was revealed that he was fired but still this was a bad move from WWE, is promoting it as a 5 man chamber match, is this Christians chance to return and book his ticket to Wrestlemania 27?

Drew will most likely get Kelly Kelly rehired within the next week either at the PPV or SD since T'Lo is back.

A new match has been added to the PPV.

Tag Team Championships
Santino & Kozlov vs Slater and Gabriel


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