Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Thoughts on Elimination Chamber PPV and Raw 21-02-11

Both were very dissapointing, EC was predictable most years they have some sort of twist there were none last sunday, plus i predicted every match right. The SD Chamber match was good much better than the Raw one, the WWE title match was ok, but like i said Trish's return was my highlight.


Same very dissapointing this week, the 21-02-11 was a dissapointment considering WWE have teased HHH's return for half a year now he does and thats how he does it, he should have attacked Taker or something, the whole segment needed words to get the story of why Taker/HHH were back as the younger ones may not have known what was going on. WWE made a very smart move, they knew The Rock had made Cena look extremely bad so he needed to get the fans back being PG wasn't getting him anywhere so he had to rap. The rap was good, apparently they are going to keep insulting each other for the next few weeks, Rocks next appearance live should be in two weeks time, he could have a titantron appearance next week and hype the confrontation between him and Cena. The Miz and Cena tag title win was interesting and kept people watching, The Miz also cut a great promo on Raw. People think Michael Cole went too far but Jerry Lawler already knew before hand that his mother would be mentioned, Cole could have said much worse, i think Cole did well here and got the heat he needed, if he said something similar to Randy Orton in 2006 about Eddie i would have been disgusted. I don't know how they are going to build this for 5 more weeks. Wrestlemania 27 is looking better than it was this time last month, hopefully The Road To Wrestlemania is good too.


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