Saturday, 5 February 2011

Kelly Kelly & Edge vs Laycool & Dolph Ziggler match thoughts

I loved the idea of having this match as the Divas finally got a main event match, the last time this happened was in 2006 i think. I enjoyed the whole build up to the match and i loved the match. This was the make or break match of Kelly Kellys career and i honestly think she was brilliant. WWE MAKE KELLY KELLY A CHAMPION THIS YEAR! WWE need to, KK gets the biggest reaction out of any face diva, this would put more interest into the Divas division. Im praying she actually didn't get fired, i hugely doubt she was actually fired and i hope she does a John Cena and show up every week. This angle will benefit Drew McIntyre, it could even make him a face? I can see him and Dolph having an angle up to the Elimination Chamber PPV, which will make KK get rehired. This was a smart match, as it gave the Divas a great time slot, this was probably the most important Divas match in the history of the WWE, this match also gave Dolph and Edge a well deserved rest, as they both had limited amount of time in the ring due to their great match at the Rumble, also Edge wrestled the night before on Raw against The Miz. This is an interesting angle, but it reminds me too much of 2008, back then i HATED Vickie. Plus also if Dolph continues to lose all these matches it will make him look very weak. WWE can afford to give Dolph the WHC on next weeks Smackdown, but then lose it too Edge in the Chamber. We need more Divas main events!

*KK ass crack was seen again for the 2nd time this week, meaning...... i have +1 video's to post now on my Youtube account, many more video's are coming from now to Wrestlemania 27*


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  1. kelly kelly won the match with edge because she speard layla . but then vickie fat ass guerro fired kelly kelly