Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Current WWE Divas Roster Thoughts

Honestly i think the WWE divas are great. They look good and they can wrestle. WWE is the best company for womans wrestling (i know most readers are now thinking TNA is better) they only have two divas that can actually wrestle Mickie James and Victoria, both whom were with WWE for some time, here they made a name for themselves and got better in the ring, the reason people think the Knockouts are better is because they are allowed more time on TV, Raw is the worst place to be in the WWE if you are a diva, your seen for 3 minutes on camera if your lucky, since Smackdown is not live they have more time, this is were you would want to be if your a diva, Superstars is also a good event to be wrestling on if your Melina, Kelly Kelly, Laycool, Eve, Maryse..... because they get more time in the ring, they are the main event and the matches rarely end by storyline, usually clean finishes. Im sure all of you will expect my answer to this "Do you rather WWE PG?" if you watch my video's you know my answer is no. The Divas are getting more covered up as the years go on, more divas are wearing belts and no thongs, but tights (under their ring tights) instead. Well here's my thoughts on all current WWE divas.

Raw Divas

Alicia Fox - With there being one divas championship i don't see her career changing anytime soon, looks like she will remain on the "Superstars Brand" in 2011. Though i felt this way this time last year and i was wrong.

Bella Twins - The Bella's need some sort of change, they have been doing the same thing ever since they both debuted. They are doing now what they did with Carlito and Primo 2 years ago in this Daniel Byran storyline. Nikki looked as if she was going to have a character change during NXT season 3.... when the season ended so did her plans of becoming a heel. I think they should be split up in the draft, that would be interesting. Have one turn heel and have a different look, WWE creative take note of that!

Eve - I was against her winning the Divas title but it was a smart move by WWE, i wish they hadn't push her aside once they found out Melina's return date, ever since then she has had nothing going for her, you would think WWE would reward her for her media work, half of The Miz's media work was with her, she needs to move to Smackdown at the next draft. Eve is good in the ring.

Gail Kim - Overated big time with the internet fans, what makes her good? i'l leave it at that.

Maryse - WWE has also dropped the ball on Maryse she is the greatest heel diva WWE has in my opinion, but what is she doing? standing in the corner of Ted DiBiase another person WWE has dropped the ball on, its sad cause Maryse is actually good in the ring, she can talk and she is always in character with those hand gestures she does, with one Divas title she will be titleless in 2011, which is a shame to say.

Melina - I'm a big fan of Melina always have been, she is one of the greatest divas WWE has had. Though May 2008 ruined her career, when she turned face, she was a great heel the best in the WWE at that stage, WWE didn't have to turn her face but they did, she won more titles but she had no character and the way she treats the WWE doesn't make since surely WWE are telling her to be in character on twitter. Melina went from being a bitch that hated everyone to a kind nice person that loves everyone, Melina is still acting like this to the WWE universe even though she is now heel, WWE give her a promo it doesn't make since her turning heel without one. She will be Champion in 2011.

Natayla - Im not a fan of Natayla, the only reason she is champion is because she has Hart in her surname. She is boring and she can only do 3 moves. I hope her title reign doesn't last much longer.

Tamina - She is going no where, will be released some stage this year.

Smackdown Divas

Beth Pheonix - Without  a doubt one of the best divas WWE has, she can actually wrestle! and she has power. She should be a heel though, she is boring as a face and was much more interesting as a heel, her heel run in 2008 was good, wasn't too impressed with 07 and the end of 09. She will turn heel some time in 2011.

Kaitlyn - It would sad for me to criticise her wrestling, even though she can't wrestle. Though you do have to give her credit her first wrestling match ever was on TV on NXT. I like Kaitlyns character though, something different to the divas division, for the next year or so she needs to be in 6 diva tag matches so she can still be seen in the ring but can have limited in ring action, just like most divas have done, with her doing this and training in FCW she will improve, it took some divas years to be ok in the ring. I hope she gets her Divas Championship shot though, if she doesn't NXT season 3 was a waste of time.

Kelly Kelly - The hottest thing on this planet! Other than looking good Kelly has really impressed in 2010, she showed to me that she can wrestle even though people criticise her i think she can be good in the ring, she has more moves than most of the divas division. I hope Kelly becomes Divas Champion at some stage in 2011 i doubt she will but i think WWE could at least give it a try, last summer would have been a good time to give her it. KK has been what WWE wants most divas to be now, look good when they debut in WWE, win the fans over then improve as the years go on as the years go on they have more one on one matches. If you haven't noticed Kelly Kelly gets the biggest face Diva reaction in the WWE when her theme song plays that is why she should be Divas Champion this year.

Layla - In my opinion the 2010 Diva of the Year, i thought Layla was great she has improved at everything since the start of 2010, she is good in the ring now (im sure Michelle helped) and she is great with Michelle in Laycool, the team will split at some stage this year but Layla is ready for that i think. The reason i thought she was diva of the year was because of how much she improved, how much she wrestled on TV and houseshows, during most houseshows Layla was defending the title not Michelle, this is why she should have won.

Michelle McCool - The most talented in ring diva in my opinion, people believe that she is at the top of the divas division because of Undertaker this may be true as her face push in 07 started when they started to date. However i think she deserves to be top she is great in the ring, she is flawless in the ring. Her mic work could do with some work but it has without a doubt majorly improved since this time last year. She will be Divas Champion again soon, WWE need to get a new angle going with her now. Michelle has been in the WWE since 04 which is over 6 years (though 3 of those years she was rarely used), Trish Stratus was in from 2000-2006, Michelle doesn't look as if she is retiring soon, Michelle could be the greatest diva of all time?

Rosa Mendes - Will be released some stage in 2011.

Vickie Guerrero -  She is very annoying but she is great, remember Vickie is in WWE due to the death of Eddie, she would not be on TV if he hadn't died. Its shocking that she is so good on the mic, she is a great heel manager i really don't know what she could do after the Dolph angle, hopefully she doesn't become GM.

WWE should be using the divas more, i think if WWE want to show the world that Divas are a big part of their company they would have an annual 15 diva Royal Rumble match to kick off the PPV with the winning diva getting a title shot at Wrestlemania, this would be great as it would mean no gimmick matches at Mania like most years and WWE could create an interesting storyline for the winner. They could even add some of the NXT season 3 rookies in the match if they need more. I just counted how many in ring divas i commented on there and i got 15, they could bring up AJ bring her in the match or bring in some divas from the past like Stacy Keibler or Lita or Trish Stratus or Stephanie? (i would say Torrie but that would never happen due to her back injuries). Like i said earlier for the divas to be better WWE needs to get rid of the PG rating.



  1. Gail is not overrated. Watch her TNA stuff. Are you Michael Cole?

  2. If u r michael cole the king 1 that match in wreslemania you were running atound like a little baby

  3. You are exactly who the current "diva" division panders to - horny nerds that don't have the $$$ to pony up to see mud or jello wrestling at the local Gentlemen's Club.

    Gail is overrated? Get a life.