Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Royal Rumble Stats/Predictions and other notes. (2011)

WWE's awesome Royal Rumble 2011 40 man match promo.

With the Royal Rumble being 5 days away, this has been the most discussed topic on the internet for the past few weeks, at first i didn't like the idea of a 40 man rumble match as i don't like seeing the ring over packed with superstars, but recently i have been happy with the idea because adding 10 men to the match has added a lot more interest to the match, WWE can put whoever they want in it this is why Nexus and The Corre are in the match this is 9/40 of the men in the match.

28/40 of the men have been announced

Alberto Del Rio
CM Punk
"Dashing" Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan
Darren Young
David Hart Smith
David Otunga
Drew McIntyre
Husky Harris
Jack Swagger
John Cena
John Morrison
Mark Henry
Mason Ryan
Michael McGuillicutty
Rey Mysterio
Ted DiBiase, Jr.
Tyson Kidd
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder
Wade Barrett
Ezekiel Jackson
Heath Slater
Justin Gabriel

Expect a lot of returns.

Out of the current 28 men

  • There are 2 men in this match that have been in a Wrestlemania Main Event John Cena (6) and Rey Mysterio (1).
  • 4 have won either the WWE title or World title John Cena, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk and Sheamus.
  • 13 have not been in a Royal Rumble match before.
  • 19 are on the Raw brand.
  • 9 are on the Smackdown brand.
The final 12 Entrants predictions
  • HHH
  • Great Khali
  • Kane
  • Big Show
  • Santino
  • Kozlov
  • Kofi Kingston
  • Evan Bourne
  • Booker T (one night appearance similar to RVD in 09)
  • Beth Pheonix (WWE have been hinting lately that she could be entering)
  • Trent Barreta
  • Chris Masters
Match entry predictions

1. John Morrison
2. Alberto Del Rio
3. Rey Mysterio

I see CM Punk entering around the 10 spot, with members of Nexus and Corre coming soon after, Wade Barrett will enter around 25/30, John Cena will enter around 20, Sheamus will enter around 32, Big Show will enter around 35, Kane will enter around 38, Daniel Byran will enter around 6, Tyson Kidd or someone similar will get the lucky 27 spot, The number 40 spot belongs to .......... Triple H.

I see Alberto/Morrison/Rey being in the match for a long time, Alberto will be eliminated by Rey, then Alberto will eliminate Rey. Sheamus and Kane will dominate when they get into the match, Sheamus will be eliminated by Triple H. Big Show will be eliminated by either The Corre or Nexus.

My own stats
  • Like it says in the video 7/10 of the past Rumble winners have won the title at Wrestlemania, the Rumble winner lost their title shot at the past 3 Wrestlemania's 08, 09, 10 (Cena, Orton, Edge).
  • HHH has only not got to the final 3 once in his career and that was last year when he was eliminated by HBK.
  • 7/10 of the past Rumble winners had already been a World champion or WWE at some stage in their career before winning the Rumble. The three that hadn't been won the Rumble in 04,05,06 (Benoit, Batista, Rey)
  • Ever since 2005 the final two men in the Rumble have gotten into either the World Title or WWE title match at Wrestlemania. (Batista/Cena, Rey/Orton, Taker/HBK, Cena/HHH, Orton/HHH, Edge/Cena.
In this years Royal Rumble match superstars still enter every 90 seconds but this match will be longer as there are now 40 men.

So after all of this i predict that ...................... will win the Royal Rumble.

This space will be filled on Sunday.


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  1. I predict that either HHH will return at the number 40 spot or a surprise return by Kurt Angle.. Or I see Undertaker returning and Kane being the last person left and Undertaker throwing him over the top because you know Undertaker is getting old and that he's going to retire soon why not retire at WrestleMania.