Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Raw - 10th Jan 2011

Firstly i must say Smackdown was excellent last week, but WWE tried too hard to get a good reaction from last weeks smackdown from all of us. It will be hard to top that Smackdown in 2011.

To Raw, Raw was horrible honestly. The highlight for everyone was HBK showing up no one expected that, i couldn't believe what i was seeing but typical WWE had to bring out the guy they are trying to push so much that it is sad Alberto Del Rio, glad he got sweet chin music'd now thats what he deserves. The matches on Raw were shockinly horrible! Sheamus vs Morrison was very boring and has been for a while, the tag match (at the start) didn't make any since with Henry winning and the main event wasn't great however they did do the tag match differently which i liked instead of watching the heels dominate one man for 6/9 minutes.  Orton vs Miz is a horrible storyline, wait ... there is no storyline. has anyone actually noticed that Alex Riley is in almost every main event on Raw and how many matches has he won on Raw........ 0

The Nexus thing was stupid like Jerry said over and over again. The titantron part was a waste of time and why didn't Cena come out in the arena? i doubt the ratings will increase more if his first appearance back was next week.... he wrestled the dark match. Like i said this was a waste of time, it even cancelled the divas match between Maryse and Natayla and im sure most of you remember the last time Natayla made Maryse tap out on live TV, (if you don't visit my youtube channel!) Did Michael Cole not tell us he was GM on Raw, he basically did. Cole vs Lawler Wrestlemania 27?


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