Thursday, 20 January 2011

WDS in Jan/Feb 2011

Theres been a reason for a lack of activity from me lately on here and on my youtube page, the reason for that being i have been spending hours creating new video's which has taken over a week to do, i plan on uploading 6-10 video's on my youtube account within this time plus some video's on here (which will be better quality of my bra and panties match highlights video on here. In this i have gotten new WWE music as i know some are tired of me using the same songs in my video's over and over again. So keep an eye on my youtube page and on here over the next few weeks, for some hot diva video's.

Plus i am also considering opening another blog, on this blog i will post video's/photos that youtube will not allow i don't even have to upload it on youtube to know that. This section will be called WDS 18+, this will come next month. Plus when i have these video's all sorted and made i will continue posting on here as usual.


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