Sunday, 23 January 2011

Leaked WWE Backstage News

A former creative writer for WWE has started blogging and has revealed news of a few the storylines that are currently going on. (he was fired recently)

  • There was talk of having Drew McIntyre bury Undertaker alive at Bragging Rights not Nexus.
  • Drew McIntyre on the day of the Money on the Bank PPV was set to win the Smackdown MITB match instead of Kane but these plans were changed a few hours before the match. The reason being that too many heels were winning that night.
  • Randy Orton was at one stage planned to win the Raw money in the bank match before they changed it to The Miz.
  • Christian vs Edge has been suggested to Vince McMahon several times but everytime its been rejected as Vince feels Christian cannot be a main eventor.
  • Christian was going to turn heel and fued with Matt Hardy, this did not happen because Christian got injured.
  • Vince feels that John Morrison cannot be a top face in WWE.
  • Vince has claimed that Michelle McCool's success is not due to her relationship with Undertaker.
  • The Daniel Byran/Bella Twins storyline was created by The Bella's themselves. The storyline was also considered for Evan Bourne before his injury.
  • Vince feel's that Skip Sheffield could be a top face someday.
  • Barrett vs Undertaker is the current Wrestlemania 27 plans, but he claims that this could change.

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