Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Raw - 13th September 2010

Raw was very last night but one problem NO MELINA! if they are going to build up this match at night of champions they must have both champions  appear on their show, unless Melina is going to be on Smackdown which is taped tonight. I think the main reason they didn't spin the wheel for a one on one divas match as most fans would have expected it to be a Bra and Panties match or something, which most fans wanted instead of a stupid dance and song contest.
John Morrison was great on Raw last night, that training was incredible and he did some amazing things against Sheamus, he should be in the main event picture soon but im glad he didn't win, speaking of the 6th man i wasn't happy Jericho won as he could have started a storyline with the GM which didn't envolve him wrestling, but I don't think he will be in the match, i'l tell you why i think this during my Night of Champions Predictions. Zack Ryder is underated he is great on the  mic very entertaining and he's not bad in the ring. He had a dark match with Zeke Jackson. Goldust vs Regal was stupid, Miz vs Byran predictable and i can't remember much else that happened but i do remember the main event, i think this was done very well, but it was predictable (not who was going to win)  when Orton set the table against the turnbuckle i knew Edge would go threw it, that was before he even came down. Strange ending to the match though, you need to watch the replay to know why Orton won, the only problem i have WWE  is going to turn Orton into what Cena was, the stage when he becomes to popular and success people start to hate him, they have tried to build Orton up too much this month, i liked when he didn't change (other than legacy ending) but people still started to cheer him.
Raw was good, post a comment on my youtube page with your thoughts on my comments and i hope you enjoyed this blog.


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