Sunday, 19 September 2010

WWE Night of Champions 2010 - WWE US Title Match Result.

WWE United States Title Match
Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz

Great match promo showing moments from NXT season 1, The Miz is wearing a nice colour of attire, alex riley is with him. Im sure Justin Roberts likes The Miz more. Usual biased commentary from Michael Cole. The Miz is dominating the match, he even did that shoulder move against the ropes that he did to R-Truth before MITB, Byran also did that dive he did against Jericho in his first WWE match. Some nice kicks from Byran, The Miz did a nice move from the top rope. Great match so far, Alex Riley almost cost The Miz the match like i predicted. Daniel Byran makes The Miz tap!! Great Match.
Winner - Daniel Byran (New US Champion)

He was probably given the title for agreeing to return to WWE, will The Miz cash in the MITB tonight?...

More to come.

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