Sunday, 19 September 2010

WWE Night of Champions 2010 - WWE Title Match Result. (Live Report)

Six Pack Challenge for the WWE Title
Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho vs. Wade Barrett vs. John Cena vs. Sheamus

Awesome match promo, Sheamus is now talking (could be attacked?) didn't happen. I hope there is a twist in this match. No one got attacked they are all out safe, i expect to see Nexus and John Morrison during this match, possibly HHH or The Miz. Justin Roberts now has to introduce all 6 men in the ring. Will Jericho retire after this? Time for a great match.

Fact - 30 World title reigns between Edge, Jericho, Orton and Cena.

  • Jericho is eliminated!! 2 Minutes into the match via an RKO.
Everyone is in shock, all the superstars in the match are watching Jericho leave in the ring. Is Jericho quitting? he's gone now. Took him a while. A botched Cena dropkick. Sheamus and Edge are working together it seems or not. Sheamus is dominating, everyone else is KOed. Cena might have injured his leg/knee (for  real). Cena is being destroyed. Sheamus & Edge are now teaming up again to take out the others. Its been more than 10 minutes since a elimination. The match is going really slow now.

  • Edge is eliminated!! Via an AA from Cena.
Wade Barrett is now dominating everyone. STF on Sheamus!!! He got to the rope, he was in the STF for a minute. NEXUS!!! Distract Cena.

  • Cena is eliminated!! Via The Waste Land from Barrett. (Help from Nexus)
Nexus focus on Orton, they doubleteam Orton, till Orton and Cena take out Nexus with RKO's and a steel chair.

  • Barrett is eliminated!!! Via an RKO from Orton.
Sheamus hits his kick on Orton who kicks out. RKO!!!

  • Sheamus is eliminated!! Via an RKO from Orton
Winner - Randy Orton (New WWE Champion)

Long Celebrations from Orton
Great match, Great PPV.

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