Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Raw - 28th September 2010

Thank you Edge!!! Finally the laptop is gone, i enjoyed the cutting edge show but i wish Edge won that match against Cena. I expect the GM to be announced next week on Raw, i hope Edge has a match at HIAC, i think he will, as the GM will punish him for what he did last night. WWE came up with a smart way to get rid of Jericho, i think this sets up a Jericho vs Orton match at Wrestlemania 27, i hope so. Interesting that Jericho started his 2nd run in WWE by interupting Randy Orton, he ended his 2nd run by being punted by Orton. What else... the commentary was interesting as it was taped last week. I hope the Hart Dynasty does not break up, the best team WWE has had in a while, some may argue DX, Jeri-show, Legacy, Miz and Morrison but they were all better as single wrestlers this is why it would be a bad move, one of them would be joining Shad on FCW and the other will join JTG on Superstars or where-ever he is now. It would do better for Natayla though, she is talented but i don't really want to see her compete with the likes of Michelle and Melina... speaking of the battle royal I think Maryse had a thong slip (not 100% clear) ive never seen a Maryse thong slip on TV if there is one send me a message please, Eves thong from last week (2 hours after her last match) appeared again small and black, a bella had a white thong slip and i think thats it from this weeks Raw. Also I think those messages DiBiase is getting are for Maryse, it would give Ted a chance to get away from Maryse which would help his career. A last point why did Michael Cole call Hell in a Cell one of the most important PPV's? in his mind what would be the least important, if its so important why is there only 2 weeks to build it up? I can think of 6 PPVs that are more important and thats half the PPVs in a year. Hell in a Cell is not important, i expect the PPV to be disapointing. Anyway i hope the first ever live Smackdown is good, it will be interesting to see how it goes, no Kane promo's with dramatic sounds which I like, the matches will be shorter which i also like, i don't like seeing Kofi wrestle 15-20 mins matches every 2 weeks. Anyway i hope you enjoyed Raw (and this report).


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