Friday, 17 September 2010

Smackdown - 17th Sept 2010

Well i am currently watching Smackdown and so far its been quite bad, it looks like at Night of Champions Christian will face Alberto Del Rio, KEEP THE PPV ONLY TITLE MATCHES, it looks like drew/cody will go for the tag titles, a long boring match between Kofi and Swagger, poor smackdown so far, the divas match was Kelly Kelly and Rosa Mendes vs Laycool, short match Kelly Kelly was hardly in it which was a shame cause her tights were the same size as Maryses usual tights. What was with Layla's ring gear? it looked like a dog ripped the sides of them or something, she has worn them before and you could see less skin, rosa had a red thong slip im not a fan of rosa, nothing to mention about michelle, well she is the one wrestling Melina at Night of Champions! Hopefully Smackdown gets better CM Punk vs Christian will be good. Laycool may split, after Michelle cheated a draw of the hat that decided who faced Melina at Night of Champions, was Melina given 2 weeks off or something?


After Smackdown

Smackdown got better since i last wrote, its over now. Punk vs Christian was good. The best part was Kanes attack on Undertaker at the end, using all of Takers moves.

Night of Champions will be good.


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