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The Story of Nexus!

Nexus became a group on "The Viewers Choice" edition of Monday Night Raw, since then they have became one of the most talked wrestling topics in the past decade. These members of Nexus came to WWE through a show called WWE NXT.

and heres how it all started
in this video Mr McMahon appears on ECW to annouce that NXT is replacing ECW, this gave us a chance to see all the members of Nexus compete for a WWE Contract.

3 weeks later.
this is the intro to the very first NXT episode, this competiton went on from February-May.

The first two eliminations
Michael Tarver and Daniel Byran getting eliminated from NXT, Byrans elimination recieved a negative reaction as most expected Byran to win the competition. Nexus claims that WWE management is one of the reasons they are upset, this video is a time in which WWE management made a harsh decision.

The Season 1 Finale
Wade Barrett winning NXT gave him the right to compete for the WWE Championship at a PPV.  Winning NXT also is the reason Barrett is the leader of Nexus.

The season 1 rookies invade Raw (Viewers Choice Raw)
(Skip to 0:28)
The night the NXT season 1 rookies invaded the Raw main event between NXT pro CM punk vs WWE Champion John Cena, the rookies would destroy everything and everyone at ringside including commentators, camara men, announcers, ring crew, luke gallows, CM Punk and John Cena who got the worst beating, the rookies would destroy the ring and the setting outside the ring. This was also what led to Daniel Byran getting fired and leaving Nexus due to spitting on Cena and Choking Justin Roberts with his own tie, this was the night the NXT rookies came a group, earlier in the night Wade promised to do something never done before that would change history and he did.

One week later the start of Raw.
Wade Barrett demands contracts for the rest of the NXT season 1 rookies which led to him getting fired by Bret Hart. He explains his problems with WWE management and says he doesn't have a problem with any of the superstars. This is the first time they appear with 7 men as Daniel Byran was "released" a few days before this.

Later on that night the NXT Rookies try to attack Cena again.
The Raw locker room came out to save Cena including Orton, Sheamus and Edge, the rookies got chased out of the arena by the Raw locker room. Notice no Jericho or Miz.

Later on that night the Rookies take Bret for a ride.
The rookies injured Bret so badly he had to quit as GM, this limo attack was there way of demanding a contract at the Fatal 4 Way PPV.

The NXT rookies invade the WWE Title Fatal 4 Way match (in spanish sorry)
Nexus cost Cena the WWE Championship thus creating a bigger rivalry between Cena and the NXT rookies.

The next night on Raw, Nexus are born.
Earlier on in the night Barrett announced that the group would be called Nexus, later on they interupted John Cenas rematch at the WWE championship against Sheamus. Vince McMahon would claim he is the reason Nexus are on Raw, as he tried to take credit for Nexus, it would appear it wasn't his idea, this led Nexus to attacking Vince, we haven't seen the boss since then this happened 3 months ago.

Nexus are banned from attacking superstars, but not legends...
This was hard to watch for most people, Nexus would claim one week later they did this attack for fun there was no point behind it.

A Truce demanded between Cena and Nexus.
Cena refused to shake Barretts hand, which led to nexus attacking Cena, the Raw locker roomcame for the save and left Cena alone with Darren Young who Cena went on to destroy. This set up a 6 on 1 handicap match for the next week.

Nexus attacks backstage before the 6vs1 match.
The next week Nexus would attack superstars who would help Cena in someway before the 6 vs 1 match. This sent a message to Sheamus that the Nexus could be after him next.

6 vs 1 Match - Nexus vs John Cena. (Nexus' first match as a group)
Cena couldn't overcome Nexus in a handicap match, but he was able to get the better of them with the help of the WWE Champion and his Money in the Bank opponent Sheamus who he faced 6 days later at the PPV in a match that will keep Nexus out.... a steel cage match.

Money in the Bank - WWE Championship - Steel Cage - Sheamus vs John Cena.
(Part 1)
(Part 2)
(Part 3)
So Nexus found a way to cost John Cena the WWE Championship again, this match was Cena's last shot at Sheamus' title.

We cross two people off the possible Nexus leader list.
This attack shocked the WWE Universe as many thought Barretts NXT pro Chris Jericho could have been the leader as he wasn't involved with any Nexus attacks till then and Nexus is a plan Edge would form as he is always thinking and shocks the crowd whenever he wants but its clear after this attack its not Edge or Jericho that is the leader of Nexus. However Sheamus was able to get a truce between himself and Nexus.

Will John Cena join the Nexus?
After defeating Mark Henry Wade Barrett offered John Cena the chance to join the Nexus, Cena had been hinting earlier in the night that he could join the Nexus. But John Cena turned Nexus down and announced that his team (Jericho, Edge, Morrison, R-Truth,Khali and Bret Hart) will face Nexus in a 7v7 match at Summerslam.

One week later a Summerslam Preview Match - Nexus vs Team Raw.
(Part 1)
(Part 2)
Is this a sign of things to come?

Team WWE falling apart?
(Skip to 5:50 if you want)
This happened after Nexus defeated 7 other Raw superstars, this made the WWE Universe wonder Will the superstars in team WWE ego's be a factor in the summerslam match.

Edge quits Team WWE?
After Edge quit, Jericho set up a Loser Leaves Team WWE Match with John Cena.

John Cena vs Chris Jericho
Cena won, Jericho lost so Jericho had to leave Team WWE. With Team WWE down to 5 superstars which two superstars would go on to replace them?

Bret Hart and John Cena vs Jericho and Edge - Nexus as lumberjacks!
With Nexus chopping Team WWE from 5 members to 4, things did not look good for Team WWE until Jericho & Edge did the right thing for Raw and rejoin Team WWE to make the match 7vs6, who will be the 7th member of Team WWE?

Summerslam - Team WWE vs Nexus
John Cena was able to overcome The Nexus at Summerslam, the 7th pick for Team WWE was Daniel Byran who was "released" from WWE after the Nexus invasion, this was the first time we had seen him since then. Cena was able to defeat the Nexus but it didn't stop the Nexus.

7 now 6.
Earlier on in the night Wade Barrett anounced that Nexus will only get stronger and to do this they need to get rid of the weak links in the team, so all members of Nexus were involved in matches that night, only Darren Young failed to win and his opponent was John Cena. After the match Nexus removed Young with a beatdown.

more to come...


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