Sunday, 19 September 2010

WWE Night of Champions 2010 - The Undertaker vs. Kane for the World Title Match Result. (Live Match Report)

No Holds Barred Match for the World Title
The Undertaker vs. Kane

An excellent match promo which showed the history between Kane and Taker. Undertaker comes out first. I will comment more on this match when it ends, i want to enjoy a match i have been waiting for, for over a decade. Undertaker runs up to the ramp and attacks Kane during Kanes entrance. Taker throws Kane off the stage into a giant piller. They have been battling outside of the ring/up by the ramp for 5 minutes now. Forgot its No Holds Barred the steps are being used and there has been some chokes, they have yet to enter the ring. Kane is dominating Taker in the ring and is now using the announce table as a weapon outside the ring. Undertaker jumps over the barricade (into the bellkeeper area) onto Kane. Kane jumps off the barricade to hit a clothesline on Taker. Taker looks weak, Kane is hitting Taker with boxing like punches similar to how Taker does. Kane is dominating now with many punches. Taker is fighting back hits snake eyes on Kane. Taker Chokeslams Kane!! He's getting ready for the Tombstone. Kane counters!!! Hits the tombstone on Taker
Winner - Kane (Still World Champion)

Great Match Must watch.

More to come.

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