Saturday, 25 September 2010

Smackdown - 24th Sept 2010

Smackdown wasn't the best this week, the only highlight was Paul Bearers return which gave The Undertaker his powers back somehow, i ruined that for myself by accidently reading a spoiler during the week. A question : Was the Intercontinental Title on the line in that MVP vs Dolph match? cause Matt Striker said he doesn't lose the title by countout and the announcer said "and still Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler" at the end, but it wasn't mentioned before the match or on Also i thought that Tag Team title match was happening next week on Raw (which has been taped). Looks like Christian is out like I reported and Rey is returning next week (which is a live Smackdown) to face Alberto Del Rio. Why can WWE not have a Divas match on NXT and SD? I know they are taped on the same night, but i remember seeing Zack Ryder wrestle on Raw,NXT and Superstars in the same week, i want to see WWE do this more, im starting to think NXT all Divas is a bad thing as its letting us see less of the Divas on Smackdown and Raw who are more talented, entertaining and hotter. Hopefully next weeks live Smackdown is good.


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