Friday, 5 November 2010

Current Raw Roster Thoughts

CM Punk - Believe it or not I think he is under-rated in the company, he should be in the title picture as much as Cena and Orton is, he is great in the ring and on the mic whats missing? I think when he's retired he will have a commentary job.

Daniel Byran - A great in ring talent that can have a 5* match with almost anyone. WWE are doing the right thing by putting him with the United States title, gives him and the challenger to put on a good match.

Darren Young - Boring superstar, leaving Nexus ruined his career. He will be released next year.

D.H Smith - If the Hart Dynasty do break up, his career is most likely going nowhere (similar to Shad). He's not great in the ring but he's strong which can get him places.

David Otunga - The next US Champion in my opinion. He's not great in the ring and his finisher takes long to set up but he's good on the mic and is doing well with Nexus, he needs to stay in Nexus.

Evan Bourne - The shooting star press is great to see live (ive seen it), Evan could be a star those matches with Jericho this year were great for him, but his push died down towards August. He will never win the WWE or World title but he could be used as a good intercontinental champion or united states champion.

Zeke Jackson - He is too strong for WWE, this means predictable match results. He has no character, i find him really boring. I don't think he will last long in WWE.

Goldust - Its good to see him get one last push, the NXT storyline linked in with Ted DiBiase was great and still is, shows Goldust has tried to improve in the ring and has.

The Great Khali - Useless. He will be out of WWE soon, unless WWE want to keep him due to him being popular in India.

Heath Slater - He's very plain, he's doing well in Nexus.

Husky Harris - I don't think he is as good as JR and Stone Cold make him out to be, but its to early to say much on him, he hasn't had a match on Raw yet.

Jey Uso -When was the last time he was on Raw? Going no where.

Jimmy Uso - Exact same as Jey. He is going no where.

John Cena - Well.... I will admit it I don't hate John Cena like most people. I think he tries his hardest for the company and thats not just a catchphase to sell shirts and I respect him for this, he can have some excellent matches. I would love to see Cena vs Taker at Wrestlemania 27. It would be great to see Cena turn heel, but I think it would be a mistake for WWE to do this. He is good on the mic to, which is important in creating storylines, the whole Nexus angle has been great. Cena has been in the company for 8 years he could go another 10 unless he wants to become an actor.

John Morrison - His time as World Champion will come, WWE have been doing it slowly but I think they know what they are doing with him. Morrison is looking like a modern HBK. Though he can do stuff no one else in the world can do, his training is amazing. He needs to be on the same level as The Miz, i think he is getting that chance now with a fued with Sheamus. He's good to hear on the mic.

Justin Gabriel - I hate him for dating Kelly Kelly, i think WWE are over rating him. Having him be the 2nd last man eliminated or pinning the main guy in the match or being picked over the other Nexus members by Barrett. His 450 is impressive but it looks like he breaks his ribs everytime.

Mark Henry - You don't think Henry is that strong compared to Big Show and Zeke as he doesn't get many chances to show it. Due to him having mostly tag matches and when he doesn't he has matches to put the opponent over like Sheamus or Batista (past May).

Michael McGillicutty - He is talented from what i seen from NXT, but just like Husky i need to see more of him, putting them in Nexus was a good idea.

Michael Tarver - I liked him in Nexus, no idea what he will be doing when he returns, maybe he will be on SD.

The Miz - The Miz is awesome! Great on the mic, good in the ring, he will be WWE Champion soon.

Primo - He is a ok actor from what we have seen from NXT and his days with Carlito, I haven't seen him wrestle much on Raw so im not sure about him. Carlito being released really harmed his career.

R-Truth - Im not the biggest R-Truth fan, he's ok in the ring, he doesn't do many different moves and he's predictable in the ring. His rap gets annoying after a while. I see him getting a push within the next year.

Randy Orton - One of the most talented athletes in WWE, I think he's amazing in the ring, I love his character. He's good to watch live and he looks like a modern stone cold, the RKO is such a great move that gets the crowded pumped up. He's better as a heel, but he's doing well as a face.

Santino Marella - A great actor he's the complete opposite in the ring, he's a joke. He is very entertaining though.

Sheamus - I like Sheamus, i didn't like him when he won the title, but ever since WM26 with his match with HHH i have been a fan, i can see why he is as big as he is now in the company. He deserves to be in WWE, i know a bit about his wrestling career before the WWE.

Skip Sheffield - He looks like Batista, he has a stupid voice, but he is a powerhouse which made him stand out in Nexus. If he returns soon he will be back in Nexus.

Ted DiBiase - He is a great villian, he deserves a big push. I have been impressed with his rivalry with Goldust, I hope he goes on to bigger things after this storyline. I can see why WWE put him in The Marine 2, they made it too early. He is good in the ring too I feel, Maryse won't be with him for much longer I predict.

Triple H - The Game! He has to return soon. He deserves more respect than he gets, he has faced everyone and beaten everyone there is to beat, he has been in almost every match type possible. You can tell he has a big say back stage, he can choose if he wants to be WWE Champion or not. I think he will be the next owner of WWE after Vince with Stephanie of course due to Shane leaving the company. He has 2/3 years of wrestling left in him.

Tyson Kidd - He could be successful after The Hart Dynasty split up, he has had some good one on one matches with Morrison and Jericho, but I think staying in the tag team would be best for his career.

Vladimir Kozlov - Backstage people think of him the same way they think of Santino. He is entertaining backstage apparently but horrible in the ring. I see him being released within the next year.

Wade Barrett - The next WWE champion. I have been impressed with him on the mic and him running the whole Nexus storyline but im not sure about his in ring skills yet, I enjoyed his match with Cena but his match with Orton was boring. I need to see him wrestle more on Raw.

William Regal - His career is dieing down which is a shame cause he deserves to have been a world champion at some stage throughout his career. I can see him being a trainer for the youth talent, him and Finlay could start a wrestling program with young wrestlers. Regal trained Daniel Byran,  i hope they have a fued for the US title next. Regal is good live, he is entertaining.

Yoshi Tatsu - His career is staying on WWE Superstars for the next year or two then he will be released.

Zack Ryder - He is underated in WWE in my opinion, i loved his backstage segments with Edge a few months ago, since then he is being beaten by Santino and others he should be beating. He is ok in the ring and he's unique with his character.

I will be doing a "Current Diva Roster Thoughts" and "Current Smackdown Roster Thoughts" next week. I hope to do another blog like this in 6 months time, see how my thoughts have changed and see how the roster has changed.


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