Monday, 22 November 2010

Survivor Series 2010 Thoughts.

Survivor Series was good, not great but good. I thought the in ring action was great in most of the matches which made the night for me.

  • I was disapointed not to see Ted DiBiase win the title, but Byran vs DiBiase was a great match, a great way to start the show. Byran may have injured his shoulder. DiBiase should stay in the title picture.
  • Next was.... Sheamus vs Morrison, probably the most forgetable match of the night, it was a good match but i expected more from Morrison in that match and why did he win with that knee move, was it supposed to there? he should have done the starship pain at the end.
  • Kaval vs Dolph was a great match, i was very impressed with Kaval in this match. His timing was good (ignoring that kick near the start) and the moves he was doing were impressive and unique. Kaval gets a rematch on this weeks SD.
  • Team Rey vs Team Del Rio, wasn't the best elimination match i have ever seen, wouldn't even be in the top 10. I found it stupid how MVP was the 1st one out in his hometown, Kofi or Masters should have been first out. Swagger was in the ring a lot during this match which i liked. I liked Cody getting angry about being slapped, he ended up being punched by big show. It was lame how Del Rio got eliminated he will claim on SD that he was never eliminated. I was shocked Drew was the final man, but like i said Rey and Big Show were the final two.
  • The Unified Divas Championship match wasn't bad for a divas match, though it was short which i didn't expect for a PPV match. Its a bad move giving Natayla the title, the reason i thought she wouldn't win was because of the person who helped her fight off Laycool Beth Pheonix. It was predictable that Beth would return when Laycool were attacking Natayla after the match.
  • The World Heavyweight title match, wasn't great. I knew there would not be a clear winner cause the fued will continue to TLC, im guessing it will be a ladder match. The part were Edge pushed Kane through the barrier was good.
  • Nexus vs Santino Kozlov was an OK match, i was hoping Nexus would lose but it didn't happen. The GM got everyones hopes up only to tell us a pointless announcement that we heard on Raw.
  • The WWE Title match, im sure im not the only one who was completely shocked by what happened. JOHN CENA IS FIRED! the match wasn't great but it was Cena who kept me interested. That didn't seem scripted at the end with the exchange between Orton and Cena, also you could tell that it wasn't planned for Cena to walk around the whole arena at the end. The video package was great, the only problem i have with it was that Orton the WWE Champion going into the match was only shown on 3 clips of the video package. Back to Cena being fired, it has recieved a lot of buzz with current and former wwe watchers. I say he will be gone till early 2011, Vince McMahon will recover from his coma and decide to rehire John Cena to stop the Nexus, Cena vs Barrett at WM27... maybe for the title or Cena vs Barrett could be a match at TLC, that if Cena wins he gets rehired if he lose's hes gone forever. Who knows, Raw tonight will be interesting a farewell speech will probably take place tonight. Barrett said something i forgot to mention on my blog that SS was in the same arena that Nexus destroyed back in May. A year ago this Raw, Sheamus won that battle royal to become the new #1 Contender, maybe something like that will happen tonight. The 24th Survivor Series was good not the best PPV this year but i enjoyed it. hope you did too.


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