Monday, 8 November 2010

Raw - 8th November 2010 News and Predictions.

Raw is in Manchester, England tonight the home of Wade Barrett, or should i say was in Manchester, England tonight since Raw has already been taped. Taping most likely ended an hour ago. The thing i don't understand why do we (UK fans) have to wait till 2am to watch it? we should be getting to see it live and have those in the United States watch it later (not live) at the usual time. William Regal is in the dark match which is a shame. On SD this week Edge vs Otunga in a lumberjack match has been announced and if Otunga lose's he's out of Nexus. I haven't read the spoilers for Raw and im not going to, will have to wait till tomorrow to watch it. Last time Raw was in the UK they had a baywatch match, im not sure if i hope they have one tonight other than Melina and Maryse theres not many other Raw divas I would like to see in a bikini. I predict that Morrison will have a good match with Sheamus (im guessing this will be a match). The Miz could be in the main event as he has been facing Cena in the main event of houseshows throughout this tour with Barrett facing Orton during the middle. Raw is usually good in the UK.


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