Monday, 29 November 2010

Raw - 29th Nov 2010 news and predictions

The King of the Ring is tonight! Daniel Byran, Zeke Jackson, Sheamus, John Morrison, "Dashing" Cody Rhode's, Kofi Kingston, Drew McIntyre and Alberto Del Rio all compete for the crown, plus tonight is the first Raw that "The awesome one" The Miz is WWE Champion should be interesting and hopefully its announced as Miz vs Orton for the title at TLC im going to guess it will be a table match. John Cena will be in the crowd tonight front row, he said that about a house show last night and he ended up being "Juan Cena" in a match with Barrett and The Miz, he was wearing the same ring attire, did the same moves, had the same theme song only thing he did different was wear a purple mask (search for pictures online). Other Smackdown stars have been advertised tonight but im not expecting to see Kane or Edge tonight. So the KOTR tournament will not be won by a face and cody rhodes will not win it so i can see either Sheamus, Del Rio or Drew McIntyre winning the crown tonight. It would suit Del Rio's gimmick if he won and he would be even more annoying if he wins but i can see Rey Mysterio costing him a match. Sheamus would be a good king "King Sheamus", this would give him something to do as he is far down the WWE Title ranking list, if he does win it the final will be between him and morrison but the main reason i think he will win is because of HHH, remember summerslam 2007?  i see his storyline being similar to that. Sheamus will claim he is the new King of Kings. Drew McIntyre could win, it would give him a push that WWE is wanting to give him plus it would make his character more interesting and you can imagine him wearing the crown. I hope Laycool are on Raw tonight, all the divas on Raw (even the champion) are dull expect for Melina, Maryse and Eve. I wonder what they are going to do with the mid carders who are not in the KOTR, i would like to see something happen with The Hart Dynasty, i think they could have a match at TLC. I wonder what they are going to do with Orton tonight, maybe another match with Barrett that results in Cena costing him the match. Remember tonights Raw is 3 hours.


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