Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Raw - 29th Nov 2010

All hail king Sheamus!! even though i found the king of the ring matches boring and predictable, raw was very good. The whole angle with John Cena was great were he tried to take each Nexus member out 1 by 1, not sure why Husky was one of three that survived the attacks he might be attacked next week which leaves Barrett and Otunga which would be interesting. All the attacks were done very well, Justins beating was without a doubt the worst...... good :) Barrett vs Cena at TLC in a ladder match, winner gets the contract. Though it looks like Kane vs Edge could be a TLC or a ladder since they face each other on this weeks SD and the winner gets to pick the match type and the winner will be edge and he will pick TLC. No Randy Orton on Raw, the fans in the arena must not have been happy to not see either Cena or Orton in a match, not even the dark match. Orton's injury is real but it is said not to be major and he is expected back next week. CM Punks commentary was great, WWE may have a problem though will they turn him into an announcer or keep him as a superstar? he's great at both. My favourite line of the night came from him when he said that Cena spilt his diet cola when he was putting Slater through the table, did anyone notice that during the TLC match the table had been repaired or replaced? Like i said earlier the king of the ring was boring for me as it was predictable, we all knew who was going to win each match when the full bracket was shown, the best KOTR match was the final between Morrison and Sheamus (like i predicted) it was as good as their SS match, Sheamus should be king of the ring because..... it will add more to the storyline with the king of kings Triple H when he returns, HHH was recently added to a houseshow event in December so maybe he's coming back soon? i predict Royal Rumble, Rey vs Del Rio will be a Wrestlemania match so im expecting this fued to last another 4/5 months. hopefully not. Did anyone in the world predict that the main event on Raw would be a WWE title match between The Miz and Jerry Lawyer? in a TLC match? wonder who came up with that idea backstage? the main reason that probably happened was due to Ortons injury, with the KOTR tournie and with Cena being "fired" whoelse did WWE have to choose from? you knew the king was not going to win but i did enjoy the match as he did very well, it should be interesting to see what happens now that the commentary table after Michael Cole cost Jerry his only ever chance at the WWE Championship, shocked to see Jerry beat him up. WWE were smart to do this match as it gave the fans the chance to see a preview of a TLC match which will make them want to watch the PPV in a few weeks time. Strange how CM Punk was the only commentator left at the end of the show, also its strange how 9 days ago the WWE title match at SS was Barrett vs Orton, 2 raws later you only see Barrett for 5 minutes and you don't see Orton at all. Who would have thought the main king people were talking about after Raw wasn't the  King of the Ring winner Sheamus?

NXT/Smackdown Preview.

The finale of NXT tonight will be won by Kaitlyn, its a joke how A.J is not in the final she can talk on the mic and wrestle the other two only have one of those tools each. Kaitlyn will win because of her pro Vickie, why would WWE want Kelly Kelly to have the winning pro, they have to have a heel pro win. KK might not be there for the same reason why Eve wasn't on Raw last night and thats because they are visiting the troops over sea's with Big Show and Mr McMahon, i douby you will see Show or Kelly on SD or NXT.



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