Saturday, 20 November 2010

Survivor Series 2010 Predictions.

8 matches on the card, a lot to predict. I have been looking forward to doing this SS prediction for a while now. Its a shame that theres 8 matches but only 1 survivor series match. I expect SS to be a good PPV the WWE title match is very unpredictable, i can't remember the last time it was this unpredictable but i think i know whats going to happen. I'l do this in the order i think these matches will take place during the PPV.

John Morrison vs. Sheamus
This match is interesting, it could do wonders for the career of John Morrison. I expect this to be a good match since they are trying to push Morrison. I think Sheamus will win the match but Morrison will put up a good fight.

United States Title Match
Ted DiBiase vs. Daniel Bryan

I hope DiBiase wins as I believe he deserves to win the title, the reason he is in this match is because CM Punk got injured. DiBiase is a great villian and the US title could give him  a push. But i believe Daniel Byran will win via submission. Every match Byran has is 5*s so expect another one.

WWE Tag Team Title MatchSantino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

Santino will most likely get on the mic before this match. I see this being similar to the tag team match on Raw, were Kozlov got dominated then Santino got tagged in and changed the match. I would like to see Santino & Kozlov win but i don't see it happening. Nexus will win with the 450 Splash.

World Heavyweight Title MatchEdge vs. Kane

Theres not a lot of interest in this match from many, Smackdown this week did get me more interested in this match as I liked the backstage segments with Edge/Kane/Paul Bearer. I don't see this being the best match of the night, Kane will most likely dominate most of the match and then Edge will start coming back into the match towards to the end. Kane will get DQed, he won't lose the title at SS but he won't pin Edge either. Edge will most likely hit him with a spear after. Wonder if Paul Bearer will be at ringside? I see this fued continueing to TLC.

Divas Title Handicap MatchNatalya vs. Layla & Michelle McCool

I hope this is the last time we see this match. Natayla is boring. Natayla will most likely dominate this match but Laycool will win via a boot in the face from Michelle. I see this being a 5 minute match.

WWE Intercontinental Title MatchKaval vs. Dolph Ziggler

I can see this match being like most of Kavals matches were he gets dominated. I hope we see a lot of high flying moves by Kaval. I will go for Dolph in this match he will win via the sleeper hold. I would like to see Kaval win this as i am a Kaval fan.

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination MatchRey Mysterio, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, MVP & Chris Masters vs. Alberto Del Rio, Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes & Tyler Reks

This is the order i think they will be eliminated in.

  1. Chris Masters
  2. Tyler Reks
  3. Kofi Kingston
  4. MVP
  5. Jack Swagger
  6. Cody Rhodes .... Dashing Cody Rhodes i should say.
  7. Drew McIntyre.
  8. Alberto Del Rio
Then we will see a repeat of this weeks Smackdown with Big Show and Rey Mysterio being the last men standing in the ring. A 619 and a Chokeslam will KO Alberto Del Rio.

WWE Title MatchWade Barrett vs Randy Orton.
John Cena will be the special referee. If Barrett wins, Cena is free from Nexus. If he loses, Cena is fired from WWE.
This is the reason i was so eager to do this blog. Every WWE fan is interested in this match. I don't see this being the best match wrestling wise but there will be a lot of interest about John Cena. I see Barrett winning the WWE Title in this match. I don't think Cena will screw Orton but Orton will believe he did or maybe Barrett will cheat to win but Cena doesn't see how. I think Cena will stop the 3 count during one of Barretts pinfalls and one of Ortons pinfalls. After the match ends when Barrett is WWE Champion John Cena will beat the hell out of him like he has promised to do. Barrett will be passed out then Cena will start to celebrate, Orton will get up and hit Cena with an RKO, Orton will then go for the punt to the head when..... The Miz will come down hit Orton with the briefcase or the skull crushing finale. The Miz will then cash the Money in the Bank in on Wade Barrett and Survivor Series will end with a new WWE not Wade Barrett but The Miz.


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