Monday, 15 November 2010

Raw - 15th Nov 2010 news and predictions

Old school Raw, tonight we will see the old set, theme and superstars. Honestly im not looking forward tonight, the matches with the legends will be slow, i hope they are used in segments only, but this would just create criticism for tonights Raw as most people expect in ring action. Apparently The Rock might have a video package tonight (similar to 10th anniversary of SD), HBK will not be there. I hope tonight is also focused on Survivor Series, the traditional survivor series matches have started to die within the past 5 years, usually they would be the most interesting match on the card and the storylines would be great, right now there is no 5 v 5 matches or 4 v 4, in the past years SS has been built around a match that creates interest due to the storyline they are doing this, this year with the Barrett vs Orton (I know whats going to happen in that match btw) angle, with Cena as ref. Last year it was the possibility of DX breaking up in that WWE title match, the year before that it was Cena returning and the year before that was the HIAC match in which Edge returned. Back to Raw, I expect a Pipers Pit, Piper will not be in a match, i hope his guest is Drew McIntyre but it will probably be a legend. I don't expect tonight to be good. Old school divas like Sunny, Sable, even Trish Stratus and Lita would be good, but i doubt any of them will show up.


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