Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Old School Raw - 15th Nov 2010

"Better late than never". I was completely wrong by what i said i rate Raw 5* (/5) it was excellent. WWE did a great job and you can tell they tried so hard by creating the old set, bringing in old graphics, getting the ring side to look how it used to and getting all of those legends on Raw. I liked that they focused on the legends and survivor series, i thought they weren't going to focus on SS at all. I'l do this in the order it happened. They started Raw off very dull, i didn't like how they started with the old style interview leading in Barrett, Miz and Cena getting involved which only led to a match between Cena and Riley. Mark Henry vs Dolph Ziggler, Dolph did well in this match and made it look realistic that he beat a man of Mark Henrys size, i loved they used the "chocolate" character. The Hart Dynasty breaking up i had been expecting it for weeks/months but i was shocked when it happened cause i didn't expect it to be Tyson who turned heel and i didn't expect thats how it would happen. Riley vs Cena wasn't great but it added to the storyline that The Miz was not in the match (you will know what i mean this weekend). I was actually impressed by Santino in the ring, he did a lot more moves than he usually does, i like that santino & kozlov are in the tag team title match at Survivor Series (predictions coming this weekend). I forgot all about Sheamus during this match, i think they have done this storyline with him and morrison wrong, it is exactly the same as the Kofi vs Orton fued from this time last year when you think about it, i hope it doesn't end the same way for Morrison. Barrett vs R-Truth wasn't a bad match, Barrett won clean which is good. Alberto vs Sgt Slaughter should not have happened, they are trying FAR to hard to push del rio and this showed that, i didn't expect MVP to be the one to help, expected Rey. Mae Young and Laycools part was one of the highlights of the night, loved that Mae called them "sluts" and "bitches", you seen how shocked Laycool were. It was good to watch, i was hoping that Mae forgot it was PG and would end up stripping Layla.. didn't happen but Layla did have red thong slip and Michelle had a Nip slip, which has been edited out of most versions of Raw, but it wasn't edited out of the photo i found, which i will be uploading on here. The backstage bit about the Million Dollar Title was good, the reason it ended was because of Aksana being eliminated from NXT, it was good seeing so many legends and yet again Cody and Ted were involved but didn't speak to each other...... DAMN!. Byran vs Swagger was good, which is expected from Byran but i was too distracted with the commentary of JR, Lawyer and Cole. I hope JR does return to WWE someday it was good to hear Fink again too. I said Ted DiBiase should get a title shot about 2 weeks ago, someone from WWE must be reading my blogs cause i was right about that Buried Alive match, now this, next is my big SS prediction. DiBiase vs Byran has been made for Survivor Series for the US title (its made on this weeks SD) it is also expected that Kaval vs Ziggler will be a match.  Pipers Pit was good, even though Piper did not talk a lot. Cena and Orton reminded me a lot of The Rock and Stone Cold on Raw and it made me want to see Orton vs Cena (1 on 1) as the main match sometime at Wrestlemania. We still do not know who's side Cena is on, which is great. I was happy to see Cena wearing the Nexus shirt. Ortons hair is growing. The only complaint i have is the matches, there was no main event and there were no big matches.

Funny story, earlier on when i was out in public i over heard two strangers talking about my video's on youtube. I now know two more members of the WDS Universe!

News/Predictions/Laycool Pic coming soon.


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