Sunday, 24 October 2010

Bragging Rights Predictions

The build up to Bragging Rights has been great i have really had to think hard about these predictions and i even think a Wrestlemania 27 fued could start tonight, see how yours match and post a comment on my youtube channel on your thoughts and predictions. I think Bragging Rights 2010 will be great!

United States Champion vs Intercontinental Champion
Daniel Bryan  vs Dolph Ziggler

This match will most likely open the show, i think this could be a good match. Expect Ziggler to dominate most of the match we might see some high flying moves and submission holds. However i see Raw getting the win in this match by having Byran make Ziggler tap out.
 Divas Title MatchNatalya vs. Layla

If Byran wins, the match with Ziggler, theres no chance of Layla not winning. Natayla will not win the title tonight, Layla will get help from Michelle to win this match, hopefully this is the end of this fued. Boring match i predict.

WWE Title MatchWade Barrett with John Cena vs Randy Orton

This is a hard match to predict, i don't think the in ring action will be good, but i think the ending of this match will be exciting. I don't think the rest of Nexus will be at ringside, Cena has to do something that will affect the result of this match. I will say.... Orton will win this match i can see Cena costing Barrett the match maybe by mistake, i think there is still a chance Barrett could win this.  This won't be the last time you will see Nexus that night I predict.

Team RAW vs. Team SmackDown Elimination MatchThe Miz, Sheamus, R-Truth, John Morrison, CM Punk, Ezekiel Jackson and Santino Marella vs. Big Show, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio and Tyler Reks

I will do this in order of elimination
1st Out - Santino  (he will be eliminated quickly)
2nd Out - Tyler Reks. (soon after Santino)
3rd Out - Kofi Kingston (Sheamus will eliminate Kofi)
4th Out - R-Truth
5th Out- Zeke Jackson
6th Out - CM Punk
7th Out - Jack Swagger
8th Out - Edge (Swagger will attack Edge)

So I think it will come down to The Miz, Sheamus, John Morrison vs The Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio.

9th Out - Alberto Del Rio (Morrison will get the pin)
10th Out - John Morrison (Alberto will attack him)
11th Out - The Big Show (Sheamus will eliminate him)
12th Out - Rey Mysterio. (The Miz gets the final pinfall)

So i think Team Raw will win with The Miz and Sheamus still in the match, they have been pushing Smackdown too much lately, i this is why Raw will win. Plus The winning captain has to be a heel so they can brag, plus I think it would add more to Michael Coles character. I have thought hard about this match, i was wrong last year so i want to be right this year. This should be an exciting match.

Buried Alive Match for the World Heavyweight TitleThe Undertaker vs. Kane with Paul Bearer
This is one of the reasons im a fan of Bragging Rights, it seems every year they are going to do a match no one seen coming. Last year the Ironman match was awesome. I hope this match is good, the HIAC match was boring, I have thought really hard about this match and I think Kane will retain the title, i have my reasons for this. Firstly I read that Undertaker is taking a break after Bragging Rights, however i can see those reports not being true, also a Kane win would do great for Kanes career after Taker retires at WM27 (probably), I think Kane will get help to win this match not from Paul Bearer but from Nexus!! I think Nexus should help Kane bury Taker, then reveal that John Cena was behind this. This would set up a John Cena vs Undertaker match at Wrestlemania, turn Cena heel, make Kanes career better and give Taker a break this is a great idea, i should be a WWE writer. I suggest you should watch the Vince McMahon vs Undertaker match from Survivor Series 2003 and then compare it to this match, hopefully this match works since its PG, I hope Kane wins this match but I think tonight will end with Nexus and John Cena.


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