Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Raw - 4th October 2010

Raw was very interesting to watch, the Nexus/Cena angle lasted to long. This storyline is JBL/HBK all over again, Cena will cost Barrett the match at BR similar to how HBK cost JBL the match at Royal Rumble 2009, this will led to a match at SS that allows Cena to leave Nexus. We only seen 2 mins of Orton, Natayla vs Alicia Fox lasted 30 seconds, the whole segment lasted 90 seconds. Sheamus destroyed Byran? You can tell this was because of the Nexus angle at the start. Edge to smackdown i should have seen this coming, the bloody GM has still not been announced, im am sick of this GM . Looks like Sheamus and The Miz will be on team Raw at Bragging Rights, R-Truth, Morrison, DiBiase will also be in it probably. The Battle Royal was good, predictable but. What was with Laycool talking during their match? Michael Cole seemed out of character for this match, The Bella's winning doesn't set up a title match, I think its to build a 5 on 5 divas match at Bragging Rights Laycool, Kelly Kelly, Tiffany (who is due to return), Rosa vs Melina, Natayla, The Bella's and Maryse or Alicia Fox? Not much else to say at Raw........ Don't know what to expect next week on Raw.


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