Monday, 4 October 2010

Hell in a Cell Report

Well I predicted this night wrong, I was impressed. Wade Barrett vs John Cena was the best match of the night it kept everyone interested it even sent the kids home crying after that match according to online reports (Haha). Well i am certain I know who the 2 men were that helped Barrett win, Husky Harris and Michael..... (forget this last name... Joe Hengig? runner up on season 2 of NXT.) I thought that when i was watching it. Tonights Raw will be interesting. I was wrong about the Hell in a Cell matches, Orton vs Sheamus was good, Kane vs Taker was boring till the end. Though i was more shocked when Kane won but did Paul Bearer not give away what was going to happen, as he said he had a plan that he's been planning for 6 years since Taker got rid of him. Orton vs Sheamus had weapons which kept it interesting and that RKO at the end was impressive, see how Sheamus bounced off the steel steps? Michelle vs Natayla I expected the rivalry to end that night, they will have a rematch tonight I think or Layla will. Wasn't too impressed with this match. Shocked that there was no Rey Mysterio, I knew Edge was going to come down during Alberto's speech, Edge vs Swagger was quite boring too, but I was impressed with both of them. Is Edge a face now? I hope he says as a tweener. The US title match was good, I knew most of the match would be around the arena and I did hint in my last blog that Morrison would jump off the stage, I liked it, I did expect Byran to win but could have seen The Miz or Morrison win, very good match! I was thinking about this when I was watching the PPV, when was the last time the last match was a Smackdown match... Elimination Chamber and before that it was Breaking Point, so we went a year of only seeing one Smackdown match end the PPV. I read a report earlier saying a top superstar is considering retiring and its not Jericho, I think Undertaker (they didn't give the name of the superstar) he will retire at Survivor Series since its his 20th year. Kane is doing well as Champion, WWE hasn't had a heel champion keep the title for so long but win clean in all his matches in quite sometime. Kane will keep the title for another month or two now, he won't lose it at Bragging Rights. The one thing I was right about was the Hell in a Cell matches being affected because of the PG rating, that was the same type of match Undertaker and Mankind had over 10 years ago, look how times have changed. They hardly touched the cell, Taker vs Kane should have been a normal match, they touched the cell 2 or 3 times in the whole match, this is why this PPV must be scrapped next year. Hopefully this is the last time we see a PPV called Hell in a Cell!


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