Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Raw - 25th October 2010

Wasn't the greatest Raw, honestly i expected something big like HHH returning or something. The ending was good and it sets up an interesting match at Survivor Series, its good that theres 2 new members of Nexus, i didn't think they were much of a threat with only 4 people (+John Cena) and the agenda of Nexus has to be about Undertakers streak and the WWE title, i read a report saying either Cena, Kane or Barrett would face Taker at WM27 maybe Barrett will be WWE champion at WM and defend it against Taker? or Cena promised Barrett the WWE title if he could get help in getting rid of Undertaker or maybe Kane made this deal, can't wait to find out. I liked seeing Santino beat Sheamus, Santino might be getting a bit of a push, he's no longer with Kozlov or dealing with The Uso's... i think. Why was John Morrison down there, he didn't do much. Byran and Dolph has another good match, looks like CM Punk and Byran will start a fued that will be good to watch. The Divas had 2 mins of on air time, joke, an even bigger joke was how they beat Melina (the best diva in the WWE) in one minute. The Hart Dynasty weren't on Raw. The only reason why Eve came down was to promote the SVR2011 game (which looks great), Eve and The Miz were the only Superstar and Diva to actually give interviews promoting the game with the game creators. People might type their names into the internet and that will be the first thing to come up. Not a bad match with R-Truth, Eves slap on Riley was good, i don't know what they have planned with The Miz now, maybe captain of a Survivor Series team? No Goldust or DiBiase either, Cena vs Orton was a good match, shame how it ended but yet again smart thinking.


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