Sunday, 3 October 2010

Hell in a Cell Predictions

I don't expect tonight to be good, i think it will be disappointing, last years was. Its an awful idea for a PPV. I won't be doing a live report tonight of HIAC, heres my predictions.

Unified Divas Championship
Michelle McCool (c) vs. Natalya

Michelle will win this, Michelle will lose the title to Beth. This match reminds me of last years match Mickie vs Alicia Fox as no one expected Alicia to win the title and she didn't.

Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio

I am sure WWE will make this match happen, right now theres only 5 matches. Rey will win if this is a match.

Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Sheamus

I actually think Sheamus will win the title back, but why is this a Hell in a Cell match? I know the title is on the line but if they are going to have 2 hell in a cell matches make Cena vs Barrett a Hell in a Cell not this match. Randy is better to watch when he is trying to win the title or is a heel champion, Raw ratings have been much lower since Orton won the title so they may give Sheamus the belt, this may be the worst Hell in a Cell match in history!

John Cena vs Wade Barrett
If Wade Barrett wins, John Cena joins Nexus; but if Cena wins or if Nexus gets involved, Nexus must disband.

John Cena will join the Nexus tonight, this is a very interesting match as Nexus are banned from ring side, but i think Barrett will find a way to win. The Nexus storyline has been so good, the storyline is over if Cena wins. The bragging rights and Survivor Series hints that Nexus won't end tonight. We don't even know why Nexus are a group yet, its not the right time to end it. This will be a good match, we will be able to see more of Barrett and see if he belongs with the likes of John Cena. Someone could cost Cena the match?

 Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere match for the WWE United States Championship
Daniel Bryan (c) vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz

This match will probably be on first and I think it will be a good match to watch. I don't know why Morrison is in this match,  remember what happened the last time was in a Falls Count Anywhere match? (against Sheamus) that was a very good match. The Miz won't win the US title its keeping him back, he's ready for the WWE title picture. Daniel Byran will retain by making The Miz tap out.

Hell in a Cell match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Kane (c) vs. The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer)

WWE make this the main event! If this match is during the middle of the show and Sheamus vs Orton is the main event, im turning off my TV after this match. I have been waiting to see this match for the past 13 years, i never imagined that the title would be on the line when it did happen. This will be the match of the night, I hope. This match would be a lot better if WWE wasn't PG. I expect Undertaker to win this match, then we won't see Kane until the SD after Bragging Rights and it will be a buried alive match at Survivor Series.

The reason i think tonight will be bad, is most people are expecting a lot out of the Hell in a Cell matches, but WWE can't do much with the cell since its PG, no one can be busted open and they are very unlikely to climb the cell or even get out of the cell at anytime. The last time they climbed the cell during a match was 2002. WWE should scrap this PPV next year, Hell in a Cell matches used to be unexpected announcements that got everyone excited but now everyone knows theres going to be a HIAC match and who's going to be in it before its even announced. I like the Hell in a Cell match, I hate the PPV.


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