Friday, 1 October 2010

Live Smackdown - 1st October 2010 Live Update

Horrible new intro, with a horrible theme song. Michael Cole, Todd Grisham and Matt Striker on commentary.

Kane vs John Cena (Nexus are lumberjacks)
Big Show vs Nexus
CM Punk vs Undertaker
Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio

Intercontinental Title - MVP vs Dolph ends in a no contest

Nexus took out Dolph, MVP, Big Show then Cena.
Then Barrett made Nexus vs Big Show & Kane vs Cena

Natayla, The Bella's and Kelly Kelly defeat Maryse, Lay-cool and Alicia Fox

OMG Maryse's ass was half exposed during the sharpshooter, worth getting a picture of, Layla also had an ass crack slip, Kellys tights were so tight. Hornswoggle got involved.

Jack Swagger is now wearing a King Robe, Swagger is now saying he hates his home town, Swagger says he's moving to Texas. Edge comes down. He says he is going to remove everything stupid in WWE, he tries to attack Swagger but he escapes. Edge ends up spearing the Eagle mascot swagger brought with him.

If anyone attacks  Nexus tonight they are suspended.

With these great matches planned i don't know why time is being wasted, one of Cody Rhodes Dashing Tips. Mick Foley was mentioned tonight, he did an interview for, is that not strange since he's in TNA? One of Joey Styles tweets was posted on the live wwe universe chat, that mentioned TNA and Foley.

Nexus defeat the Big Show

Show is being dominated, no tag in's. its a tornado handicap match. Each member of Nexus is putting a submission on big show at the same time and he has passed out, ive never seen a submission like that before. Nexus win. Gabriel does the 450 splash twice on Big Show after the match. Matt Striker said he is a fan of Nexus, i am too.

Good Smackdown so far.

The Kane vs Undertaker match promo for Hell in a Cell was shown, very good work WWE.

CM Punk lose's to The Undertaker

Paul Bearer is with Taker. This match happened at last years HIAC event. Taker dominates the whole match, he wins with a tombstone, Taker has his "powers" back.

Rey Mysterio returns next.

Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio

Match doesn't happen, Alberto comes out in a suit then brings out a dog with a mask on and says sorry to it. Rey (the human version) returns and gives the personal ring announcer a 619! They will face at HIAC most likely, i predicted that would happen before tonight. The only reason Rey is back is cause Christian is injured.

Randy Orton defeats Cody Rhodes

Very interesting, former Legacy members. Randy wins with the RKO, then Drew gets an RKO. Sheamus has arrived! He hits his Kick on Orton. Orton is laid out.

We got lucky, they were about to show a Legendary clip, but it went to a break instead. Cena vs Kane is the main event and Nexus are lumberjacks.

Kane vs John Cena

Kane is dominating early in the match and knows Nexus is on his side. Match ends in a no contest after Nexus gets involved, Cena escapes quick. Taker arrives brawls with Kane in the crowd and gives him a chokeslam to end the show.

Smackdown was very good, should be live every week

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