Monday, 18 October 2010

Raw - 18th October 2010 News and Predictions.

Vince McMahon returns tonight according to, most of the Smackdown roster is backstage tonight and Raw is going to be backstage for tomorrow nights tapings. Vince has a major announcement i think this will be that the GM of Raw will be announced next week (check out my next post for who i think the GM is) and that there will be a big Smackdown vs Raw brawl tonight, I hope Nexus are involved in that speaking of Nexus i forgot about that tag match in which Cena & Orton team against Husky Harris and MilGulliculity (not sure of spelling) I expect Orton & Cena to win this, with an RKO. I think Nexus will tell Cena to attack Orton after the match or something. I think a big diva match will happen to build up Bragging Rights, if Mark Henry is at Raw he will be the 7th member if not.... Ted DiBiase or Daniel Byran will get the last spot. Vince will open the show, he could announce a theme for tonights matches possibly a Smackdown vs Raw night. I expect Raw to be great tonight as its the last Raw till Bragging Rights.


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