Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Raw - 18th October 2010

Bragging Rights was built up well last night on Raw, the start of Raw really got me interested in the rest of the show, i was disappointed that there was no SD vs Raw brawl but the battle royal was good, i forgot all about Edge, usually i notice when superstars are out of the ring but not eliminated but not last night, they did that battle royal very well. Zeke probably was a good choice, i would hate to be hit by him, he's so strong, i find him boring if he is playing a face for now on he has to change. I was right! I said Orton and Cena would win with an RKO and Nexus would get Cena to help them attack Orton. I liked the backstage segments were Barrett asked for water then it went to the guest host then back to cena getting the water, you don't see that very often now a days it would take them two matches to see what happens next. For some reason i knew Cody & Drew vs The Hart Dynasty would be a match on Raw, WWE had the perfect chance to turn DH Smith heel in Canada but they blew it. Tyson will stay a face. The reason Mr McMahon wasn't on TV was due to time, he was likely going to promote the Stand up for WWE campain, if there was not enough time why did they show a 10 minute video promoting it instead, i must say it was an excellent video, more people would have been interested if he appeared in the ring for 2/3 minutes promoting this or even on the titantron. The only bad part of the video was the beginning and ending were it said rated PG this is worrying, Linda must lose! the Divas part with Vickie was lame, she had paper thrown on her, 10 years ago it would have been beer or even milk. Didn't i say the I.C Champ vs U.S Champ would be a match at Bragging Rights? The Laycool part wasn't too bad, you could see Michelle's ass at one stage, did Michelle and Kelly Kelly share one pair of pants last night cause they were both wearing the same pants. Natalya got a big pop. Howcome CM Punks hair was blonde over the weekend but its back to normal now? R-Truth wasn't allowed to enter the area Raw was in last night due to his past, why was MVP allowed in then? It was good how everyone on SD appeared expect for Kane & Taker, they did very well building up Bragging Rights i must say the build up for the 7v7 match has been better this year, a worse lineup this year though. Raw is going to invade Smackdown tonight I want to see a Brawl!


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