Monday, 11 October 2010

Raw - 11th October 2010 News and Predictions.

I think tonights Raw will be good, because of BFG last night. They are trying to recreate WWE's past TNA, having a top face join the devil to win the main championship at the main PPV, reminds me of WM17 when austin join mr mcmahon to win the WWE title. They are no where near WWE's level and they never will be.

Back to Raw, CM Punk is joining Raw tonight which should be interesting a fued with Daniel Byran would be good for him. The Bragging Rights Team will probably be announced tonight, The Miz is captain, is it not strange having Big Show as captain after what he did in last years match...? we will see more drama between Cena and Nexus it will not be as big as last week on Raw, he will probably be told to attack someone backstage that he's friends with. The Raw Diva Division is dead right now, because they are wasting their top two divas on Raw as non of them are in the title picture, Hart Dynasty will most likely break up which will kill both of their careers, (Tyson Kidd has a chance at success). I feel sorry for DiBiase he is talented in the ring and the mic and just when you thought he would be US champion on Raw, he is put in a fued with Goldust who is the pro of the maryse wannibe ....interesting... the GM will not be announced (maybe now he will be announced, every week i have said he will be we get further away from knowing who he is), Michael Cole will most likely be seen on TV more, Cole has impressed me lately. Though i was watching a video on youtube, he hated The Miz in January 2010, when did he start liking The Miz? At Bragging Rights 2009 he made a joke about The Miz, i want to know the answer to that.

Youtube has banned one of my newest Trish Stratus video's so i now have 1/3 strikes, when i get a 2nd a backup account will be made.


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