Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Raw - 11th October 2010

Santino in the Team Raw bragging rights team.. really? no one probably seen that coming and if they predicted it they were joking. Like i said last night, the Raw Diva Division is a joke, the top... (i'l say 3 now) divas were not even in a match, these being Maryse, Eve and Melina now they have Eve and Maryse managing DiBiase and R-Truth every week now, these two divas were battling over the title 4 months ago, now look where they are and im sure Melina did not work so hard to recover from injury only to have the title for a month and be relegated to superstars (she faces Alicia this week). How did Natayla vs LayCool become a match at BR? did i miss something on Raw with LayCool this week? and what was the point in The Bella's defeating them last week.  I was looking forward to a divas match like last year at BR looks like thats not happening now. The matches were good on Raw, The Miz vs Cena wasn't bad, bad way to end the show the promo with Barrett, i know it added more to the storyline but could they not have thought of anything better? Morrison vs Tyson Kidd was the match of the night, Tyson might actually have a career without DH Smith, they will break up next week, this gives Natayla the chance to become a diva. Evan Bourne is out for a month now because of a shoulder injury. Orton vs Gabriel was just boring, i wish they would stop pushing this guy, he botched a lot of moves in that match and over sold a few, i sick of it always being Gabriel who wrestles Randy every two weeks or is the last one eliminated from a match or pins John Cena, give David Otunga a chance, i was happy when he said it would be him vs Orton, GO BACK TO SOUTH AFRICA JUSTIN! (He's dating Kelly Kelly... another reason i hate him). Sheamus vs Daniel Byran was ok, the only reason this match happened was because of the criticism WWE got (online) for giving Sheamus a squash match against Byran. It looks like WWE are focusing on the SD vs Raw match more now which i like, they are focusing on the PPV more than they have for any of the past PPVs like HIAC or NOC, this is probably due to buyrates, Raw was good like i said it would be last night.


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